Transportation of feedstocks can be the single highest operating expense facing a bioenergy project…

  • Understanding transport costs and logistics are critical to effective project planning and implementation.


BES assists will all aspects of biomass transport analyses:

  • Evaluating logistical considerations, including the existing transportation infrastructure.
  • Transport-related equipment requirements
    • from in-field pre-processing to loading to field transport to trans-loading to road transport to receiving and unloading components.
  • Detailed design of project-specific transport systems, reflecting key engineering parameters of biomass feedstocks.
  • Economics: the bottom line is critical…determining the net delivered cost per ton (or per MM Btu or other metrics).


BioEnergy Systems LLC (BES) has developed BioFeedStAT®, a high-resolution user-interactive tool for analyzing biomass feedstock supplies utilizing numerous data sets and GIS-based spatial analyses.

  • A primary output of a BioFeedStAT® is the detailed feedstock transportation analysis (quantities vs. distance, plus economics of feedstock transport.