BioEnergy Systems LLC (BES) assists with conceptualization, design, evaluation, and deployment of bioenergy projects.

  • Energy crops… BES specializes in projects that use dedicated lignocellulosic energy crops for production of liquid fuels, electricity, and/or thermal energy.
  • Liquid biofuels: BES has experience with large-scale projects that produce ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, biocrude, and other liquid fuels made from a variety of biomass feedstock.
  • Drying and processing: Since 1976 BES principals have been engaged in the design, construction, and operation of agricultural drying and processing systems; BES understands moisture reduction as a critical step in biomass feedstock processing.
  • Feasibility studies: BES has a wide range of experience in analyzing the feasibility of bioenergy projects...from farm-scale furnace systems to utility-scale vertically integrated enterprises using dedicated energy crops.
  • Financial analyses:  BES helps analyze the financial aspects of bioenergy projects…developing detailed project pro formas; projecting revenues, expenses, income, and cashflow; evaluating financial performance metrics such as NPV, IRR, and ROI, and DSCR.


click here to view BES' PowerPoint presentation of "Bioenergy Opportunities in

Arkansas Jan09".