Most of the poultry houses in the United States are currently heated with fossil fuels (primarily propane).

  • Biomass-fired furnaces can be used to heat the poultry houses, thereby displacing fossil fuels with renewable biomass feedstocks.

Furnace-related services provided by BioEnergy Systems LLC (BES) include:

  • Evaluation of the potential for using biomass-fired furnace systems at a regional (or complex) scale
  • Evaluation of furnace system options for a specific site
  • Organizing feedstock supplies at a regional (or complex) scale
  • Securing unprocessed biomass for further processing
    (e.g., drying, sizing, densification, storage)
  • Pursuit of densified biomass fuels (pellets, briquettes)
  • Pursuit of state/Federal support programs for installation / operation of farm furnace systems


BES' evaluations include:

  • Biomass fuel (feedstock) considerations
  • Furnace system considerations
  • Logistical considerations
  • Environmental considerations
  • Economic considerations
  • Financing considerations


Click here to view a presentation by Jim Wimberly of using biomass furnaces to heat poultry houses.




The following furnace-related reports can be downloaded (in pdf):

May 2008

Prepared for Winrock International by Jim Wimberly -- BioEnergy Systems LLC

filesize = 460 kb

June 2003

Prepared for the Arkansas Energy Office and the U.S. Department of Energy by Jim Wimberly (Foundation for Organic Resources Management)

filesize = 4.86 Mb

Click here to see a video article prepared by the 40/29 TV station (ABC affiliate based in Rogers/Ft Smith) regarding use of biomass-fired furnaces for heating poultry houses: