BioEnergy Systems LLC (BES) has developed BioFeedStAT®... a Biomass Feedstock Supply Assessment Tool.


BioFeedStAT® is a high-resolution user-interactive tool for analyzing biomass feedstock supplies utilizing numerous data sets and GIS-based spatial analyses.


For a specific location, BioFeedStAT® is used to determine quantities vs. distances (in 0.5-mile increments -- actual road miles, not air miles) and transport costs of any combination of target feedstocks:

  • first-generation biofuels feedstocks (e.g., corn, soybeans)
  • agricultural field residues… e.g., rice straw, corn stover
  • woody biomass… e.g., chips or stem wood
  • forest-based woody residues… e.g., harvest slash
  • dedicated energy crops… woody / herbaceous


Why are such analyses needed for bioenergy projects?

  • Understanding feedstock supplies is critical to successful project planning, financing, and implementation.


Why BioFeedStAT®?

  • Accuracy -- BioFeedStAT® provides the highest resolution feedstock analysis available anywhere
    • e.g., BioFeedStAT® evaluates over 13,000,000 data points within a 70-mile distance from the target site



  • Timely -- BioFeedStAT® analyses and results can be provided in much less time than traditional assessments
    • typically in less than 1 week!
  • Cost Effective -- BioFeedStAT® is only a fraction of the cost of traditional labor-intensive approaches
    • yet is much more accurate and requires much less time!



BioFeedStAT® outputs include:

  • feedstock quantities vs. distance… based on user-selected feedstocks and target average haul distance
    • in both tabular & graphical formats
  • economic analyses... feedstock transport costs
    • in both tabular & graphical formats
  • high-resolution images of target supply area
    • including delineations of various distance bands
  • data tables
    • detailed spreadsheets of feedstock types and sub-types in 0.5-mile increments from the selected location


Contact BioEnergy Systems LLC for additional information regarding BioFeedStAT®...

  • the high-resolution Biomass Feedstock Supply Assessment Tool needed for every bioenergy project.