BioEnergy Systems LLC (BES) provides numerous anlytical services:


Transport studies

  • Economic and logistical analyses of transporting biomass.


Carbon accounting

  • Identification and quantification of the various carbon benefits associated with bioenergy systems.
    • In particular, BES understands the carbon benefits associated with dedicated cellulosic energy crops.


Life cycle analyses and energetics

  • Understanding the complete life cycle of a product, including assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with each step of the product’s manufacturing and transport.
  • BES analyzes the energetics of bioenergy products…
    energy outputs vs. energy inputs.


Data visualizations

  • Effective communications are essential to pursuit of bioenergy projects – in both public and private sectors.
  • A picture really can say a thousand words.


  • BES has an outstanding record of presenting information in ways that help the reader understand critical messages…
    • from land-use issues for policy makers to investment criteria and and outcomes for private enterprise decision makers.