Animal manure & poultry litter should generally be considered and managed as resources, not wastes.

These materials can be beneficially used… applied directly to agricultural production lands or converted into a spectrum of value-added products using a variety of conversion technologies.

BES’ experience with animal-related biomass includes:

  • composting
  • anaerobic digestion
  • combustion (thermal and/or electrical energy)
  • land application
    • Including nutrient management and water quality considerations


BioEnergy Systems LLC (BES) can assist with:

  • evaluating manure/litter management options at a regional scale
    • Regionally coordinated strategies are considered the most effective and efficient means of assisting producers, particularly in nutrient-limited watersheds.
  • evaluating specific technologies using manure/litter feedstocks
  • evaluating feedstock supplies and establishing feedstock supply options