Moisture removal, grinding /sizing, materials handling and storage, and value-added processing are integral components of most bioenergy systems. 

  • Technically viable and economically feasible moisture removal and materials handling & storage systems are often under-appreciated components of a bioenergy system, yet can fundamentally affect project success.

BES has been worked with a variety of receiving, drying, handling, storage, and processing technologies since 1976.  BES’ experience includes:

  • Drying and dewatering… design, construction, and operation of various thermal drying systems, ranging from cross-flow tower dryers to rotary dryers to solar drying techniques.
  • Materials handling & storage… design, construction, and operation of various materials handling and storage technologies.
  • Processing (conversion technologies)…
    • Anaerobic digestion – dairy manure (enclosed reactors), swine effluent (covered lagoons), agricultural processing wastes, and urban sources (landfill gas systems).
    • Composting (aerobic digestion) – feedstocks experience includes manure, litter, green waste, and agricultural processing residuals.
    • Combustion – from farm-scale furnaces for heating poultry houses to utility-scale systems.
    • Densification – pelletizing and briquetting.
    • Esterification – production of biodiesel from oil feedstocks.
    • Gasification systems and Fisher-Tropsch technologies (i.e., gasification followed by catalysis).
    • Pyrolysis – fast pyrolysis producing bio-oil (“biocrude”).